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Candy, Griffin & Powell "Can I Ask That, Vol. 2"

  1. Ever had a questions about God you were scared to ask? Ever feel like your hard questions get squashed, silenced, or brushed aside? We get that. We wrote this for people like you. And we have good news. First, other teenagers and adults ask these kinds of questions all the time. Second, it's not the only okay to ask hard questions, but it's actually important- some say essential- for your faith journey. And finally, God can handle it. God isn't anxious about your questions, struggles, or doubt. We don't think you should be either. Whether you've never asked these questions before or you've been aching for the chance, this guide is a starting point. Ready? Go ahead. You can ask that. 1. Is it wrong to doubt God? 2. Is hell real? How could God send someone there? 3. Can I do something so bad God won't forgive me? 4. Why do bad things happen to good people? 5. Is sex outside marriage wrong? 6. Why is it so awkward to talk about Jesus with my friends?
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