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Joiner, Bomar, Smith "The Slow Fade"

  1. Many churches and families have programmed a youth ministry finish line at twelfth grade. We walk our seniors out the door, breathe a sigh of relief, and let them disappear for a few years. We assume they'll return to church later, probably as adults with young families in tow. The problem is, if we let them go, we may never see them again. Too old for youth group and uncomfortable with labels, college-ages and twentysomething Christians become disconnected from faith. Almost imperceptibly, they become less and less involved in church and faith and, eventually, absent altogether- in what we call the slow fade. Yet as these young people face critical decisions that affect the rest of their lives, they need their communities more than ever. So what's the answer? You. Coauthors Reggie Joiner, Chuck Bomar, and Abbie Smith- a senior pastor, a college pastor, and a twentysomething- offer insight and suggestions and make a compelling case for personal, intergenerational relationships as the way to stop the slow fade. It's easier than you think!
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